X7 Contemporary Desks and Credenzas


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One’s desk is where the fruit of one’s labor unfolds.  It’s where one does his work, closes deals and manages the present to affect the future. The desk is one of the most intimate pieces of furniture in one’s work life— The desk is the tethered to which we are connected to our clients, networks and peers. Its is the platform from which we work in an often  unassuming 50 square feet. It is a place to finally get down to business. That’s why finding the right desk is so important.

X7 contemporary office furniture is a series of contemporary desks, credenzas and storage that communicate strength and presence with clean minimalist lines and sleek well appointed features.  Metal interior drawers and soft close storage mechanisms highlight the well appointed features of this beautifully designed contemporary Italian office furniture.

Whatever your occupation, a good desk should also look good — after all, you’re going to be spending a  lot of time behind it. Fortunately, OFFICITY specializes in  gorgeous, modern workspace options. We’ve narrowed down with the industries most comprehensive offering of contemporary desks at a variety of sizes, styles and prices.

Actually getting down to work, though, is up to you.

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