Modern office furniture designers should be lauded for their iconic contributions, but manufacturers should focus on the production of whats next vs. pimping the best of the past
On the 11th of February 1902, Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. His father was a wholesale merchant of safety pins and snap fasteners whilst his mother was a bank teller. So, from fairly humble beginnings, Arne would eventually become one of Denmark’s most important architects and, subsequently, also one of the father’s of the Modern Office Chair.

Arne loathed the term “designer” and would quickly correct anyone who identified him as such. “I”, he would say, “am an architect” Many of the modern furniture designs that Arne created were indeed designed around architectural projects he was working on. Today, we still see Arne’s designs popping up often without recognition of their progenitor. The Bingo chair from Kimball Office is a good example of this. Jacobsen’s Series 7 modern chair perhaps?!?!? Even a thirteen year old on Instagram knows not to use someone’s photo without hash-tagging #creds

This kind of recognition probably means more to interior designers, after all, Interior design is about more than placing blocks on a plan and developing flow and themes just as modern office furniture is more than a production set of MAD MEN. Now in particular, Modern office furniture is about so much more… Modern minimalist design is burgeoning against a manufacturing sector that is unwilling to invest. steam cloud . This is unfortunate as modernist office furniture, in particular, is clearly the clarion of the new economy and the face of the cultural shift across an ever shrinking pool of American entrepreneurs who are focused, technologically connected and determined to succeed. whois directory parental locks Look for designs that you’ve never seen before in the start ups of Atlanta, Austin, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Palo Alto and Boise [yes Boise!] and you will find competitors with the heart of a heavy weight and the smarts of a street fighter. travel destinations Interior design firms that support these companies are on the front lines of the “new” modern and they are taking chances with unique and purposeful designs over “safe” or “I won’t get fired as long as I spec Steelcase”

Luce et Studio in San Diego is a great example of this kind of Entrepreneurial partner in good design. They recently used OFFICITY X8 to re-fit offices at Nissan Design Studio; Nissan’s first design studio outside of Japan.

New and bold is so much more attractive than pimping the old. Giving the best designs of the past their niche within a space is important but we shouldn’t let tired manufacturers obscure our view of the future.