The Reception Space is the first contact with a company’s culture. This experience with interior elements, in comparison with the outside world, communicates conversation and work efficiency. Intriguing European designed office furniture sets the tone for whats to come and commands the visitors’ attention. Z2 Contemporary Reception stations emphasize architectural presence. Functionality, pure lines and […]


Reception Glass Modern Reception Desks are comprised of  finely designed, modular,  inventive, and meticulously crafted reception modules for lobby , reception and greeting areas. Reception Glass from OFFICITY North America provides image-conscious organizations with solutions that elevate the aesthetics and performance of their facilities.


The Reception area is where a company’s culture is defined. Everything about one’s style and work ethic are realized in this first contact.  This is who we are. You can trust us to be at the top of our game. Thought provoking Italian designed office furniture sets the stage for future interaction. X4 Modern Reception […]

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